Thoughts on Violence in Relationships

I think that violence in relationships is something that nobody really talks about or broadcasts for obvious reasons. If you tell anyone, you make you and your partner look fucking insane, violent, and people will encourage you to break up for the most part. Men in particular are especially viewed as assholes for hitting their partner. Trigger warning: this is a dark, slightly disturbing topic.

It’s becoming a more and more popularized subject in the media, at least in my opinion. Harley Quinn and the Joker. Another example, Gone Girl. We were all on Amy’s side when we saw Nick throw her to the floor and act abusive to her. But we learn more and more about the real story, and things change.

What about in real life? The lines get fuzzy, blurred. What if I hit him first, many times? What if he or I were very drunk? What if we barely remember it? Plenty of aspects come into play. Does it mean you’re in a horrible relationship? Or was it just an honest mistake that will never happen again?

My boyfriend tried to choke me out the other night in a really drunken fight, which is what inspired me to write this article. I actually thought I was going to die. I’m no stranger to pissing people off, however. I seem to cause violent reactions in plenty of people. Ex-friends, my father, my sister, my ex boyfriend, etc. So it wasn’t anything too new. But it certainly was something surprising. He said he’d never done that to a girlfriend before and for some reason, I truly believe him.

It’s thrown me for something of a loop and is causing me to think hard about this topic. Does anyone have any thoughts on or experience this topic? Do you believe the second they lay a hand on you in anger that that should be it?

To The Girls That Makes Their Boyfriends Unfriend Me on Social Media

This has happened a few times now. Like 3. One time this guy approached me in the school cafeteria totally randomly, Dean, and tried to go from there. He was super outgoing but I was not physically attracted to him, and he came on WAY too strong, and told me he was basically a convicted rapist on our second hang out. He also called women bitches. No thanks.

Anyways he still liked my photos and shit on social media, despite my having a boyfriend and no interest in being more than his friend. He got a girlfriend and mysteriously unfriended me a few weeks later, despite having flirted with me very recently. Weird. Let me tell you girl: no matter how much he twisted the story, he came onto me very strongly. The only reason he’s dating you in the first place is cause he couldn’t get me. I in no way shape or form wanted him, no matter what he told you and unfriending me doesn’t do or change anything. Does it make you feel more secure?

It’s happened again pretty recently. This boy, R. I met him through my housemate and we all decided to get drunk together. I couldnt even decide if he was cute. He wasn’t bad looking  but I’m so stupidly attracted to my current boyfriend that I didn’t really notice. Anyways he came onto me very strongly that night, texted me, called me attractive, tried to cuddle me. He also tried to kiss me four times the next morning. I rejected because I have a boyfriend I’m crazy in love with.  He also had a girlfriend I discovered, a pretty one too. He likes my selfie recently and then removed me off Facebook. Well shit, I wonder what compelled him to do that?

It makes me wonder what kind of stuff the boyfriend says, do they twist the story? Of course they do. What else would they do. Who doesn’t want to sound like the perfect significant other? At least I know the real story. And what exactly is the girlfriend hoping to achieve by removing me? Is he magically going to stop hitting on all other girls in general because you removed me? The less pretty girls he ever sees, the better I guess?

I think the reason it bothers me so much is because I had an ex that made me remove people all the time because he was worried they’d hit on me, and he twisted it to make it seem like it was coming from a place of love when it was really just another control tactic.

People didn’t have to deal with this shit 10 years ago.

Isn’t It Ironic that What you Love About your Partner Becomes What You Hate?!

My last ex was a VERY giving person. I saw him as so selfless, and it’s a big part of what attracted me to him. Our first real date he paid 50 bucks for a ticket to a show and genuinely expected nothing back. He got me so many lavish gifts, an iPhone 6 Plus, very expensive rings, etc. (Drug dealing is very lucrative). I was so impressed.

Cut to a year later, it drove me up the fucking wall. Nearly every single of his friends always seemed to owe him large sums of money. I didn’t understand why he was constantly putting himself in that position and people would always rip him off/take advantage of him. I started seeing it as weak and started to feel like his acts of selflessness with me was less special and just stupid and over the top.

My new beau seemed very cool and distant, ironically one of the things that attracted me to him after that whirlwind of “selflessness” and over giving. It was sexy; he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve, keeps a cool head in most situations. It makes his emotions feel very raw and real when he does choose to express them. Not to sound cocky but most guys I meet are ALL OVER ME INSTANTLY and it was refreshing to see someone who wasn’t, who was cute and shy.

The downside to this is the whole fucking reason I’m writing this article – out of anger. We got into a small argument and instead of arguing with me he just shuts down, says literally nothing. He’s not answering my texts right now and didn’t send me a good night one which he usually does over NOTHING. Like I want you to care enough to fight about this. It truly hurts and feels like he doesn’t care.

Has anyone else felt like this? Let me know!!


I Got a Tattoo and This is What Went Down

First, you have to walk in to the tattoo place and book a consultation. They will ask you for a picture of your tattoo, where you want to get it on your body, a preferred tattoo artist, if you want colour or not, and finally will make you pay a deposit. Mine was 50 bucks. Then you play the waiting game.

My advice is to BRING A FRIEND. That way you can speak to them while you’re getting to distract yourself from a needle being shoved in your skin. I got mine on the back of my shoulder of a heart ribbon thing and I fucking love it. However, it also really hurt. People say it doesn’t, but they lied. Like a deep scratch, a “cat scratch on a sunburn”. It may be perhaps because of the shading I had done as well that it hurt so bad because the back of the shoulder is supposedly an easier spot. Or maybe I’m just a pussy. Who knows? It didn’t hurt much at first, but it got to be torture after a certain point. Then they put a plastic saran wrap like thing on it. Also charge you depending on the size of it, I think.

After care is a thing you will have to do. It takes about two weeks to fully heal. Basically moisturize it a lot afterwards and wash it last in the shower. No baths allowed in this time either. You don’t want the ink to fuck up or become faded. Apparently you are also advised to use sunscreen in order to preserve the colour. My skin where I got tattoo feels quite bumpy. It’s interesting. I don’t know how long that will last. Also use non scented soap on it, although I’ve yet to do that yet, fuck it.

You will also get a TON of attention and shock everyone in your life, probably. I added a photo to Facebook of it and it got more likes than I’ve ever gotten on anything I’ve ever added. If you’re an attention whore like me, this is excellent news. Also people will want to talk about it. I’ve yet to have a lot of people ask me about the meaning behind it. Like one or two people have.

Enjoy your permanent decision and a lot of attention.

To the Guys Who Act Distant After They Orgasm

Hello boy, I like you enough to want to make you orgasm. Maybe not through sex, probably a hand job because I generally take sex a little more seriously. You’re probably very cute to me. And your personality could be on point. Basically, I feel connected to you in some way. You’ve definitely tried to get me off too, but predictably failed. And after you cum, you act so distant baby. Why the fuck is that. I just gave you the most incredible feeling you’ll ever experience, and now you don’t even want to talk to me :)

Everything was going so, so well before you came. You were being cute, doing things that I wanted, buying me ice cream or candy, talking to me about the most random things, driving me around, cracking jokes, trying to make me happy. Trying to impress me. Calling me beautiful. Telling me anything I wanted to hear so that you’d get in this very position; handing me a towel so that I could clean your semen off my stomach or boobies. Well congratulations, you fucking did it. You got off, yay! Well I’m still here, motherfucker and I’ve got a few words for you  I wish I had the courage to say.

You made me feel like a used whore.  You made me hate you with a fiery passion, but hate myself even more for believing you actually liked me. You make me feel so stupid, slutty, dirt cheap. Like you took a part of my soul with you. You put me in the worst fucking mood imaginable for days and you have no idea. I can’t sleep because I think of how bad I feel about the entire situation. And you legitimately think you acting distant is no big deal because I’m such a “chill” girl. And you will definitely text me later, hoping to use me like a human sex doll, but the damage is already done sweetie, and I will never fucking touch you again.

If someone makes you cum, fucking appreciate the person who did that for you. I promise they are not a robot made specifically for fucking. They are a human being, with feelings, wants, fears, etc. Treat them as such or I will consider you the scum of the earth. Thanks for reading.

I Can’t Sleep Next to my One Night Stands

How does anyone have unattached sex with someone and endure the emptiness of falling asleep together? I’ve personally never been able to, at all.

I noticed this when it was offered was by a boy I met in philosophy class. I was extremely wasted on vodka, had sex with him on a whim, and after he invited me to stay the night in his classy dorm room. Even though I was smashed out of my gourd, I had no interest in it. I walked home alone.

We slept together again about a year and a half later (I guess two night stand?), and this time I tried to sleep next to him. I really did. I couldn’t find a single position where I was comfortable, my mind kept racing, reflecting on what I had just done. I thought and overthought for hours and hours. Finally, at 4 am, I couldn’t take it anymore and got the hell out of there, walked almost 5 miles home. In the deadest hour of the night. I’d rather have done that ten times than pretend to sleep for another second.

Another guy I casually had sex with a few months ago offered, but I couldn’t for similar reasons. I didn’t even bother trying, I knew how it would end. It’s polite to offer, though. Just not the best idea in practice.

Why, you may ask. It feels so fake, so pointless. We all know it was just about sex, why pretend any differently? Also, some boys change their attitude entirely after they cum – they seem a lot more charming beforehand. So why deal with their boring ass when I could be doing something better, like getting myself off or playing video games?

Now it’s different if you’re actually comfortable around the person. But if sex is clearly all the two of you wanted from each other, why act differently.

Compilation of Hilarious Tweets

This is just my brand of humour

– but has nemo found himself

– Sober every night because we drink to my accomplishments

– Did Jesus have a degree though

– My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas as they lower my casket

– No I’m not reporting my error to Apple, I ain’t no snitch

– Yo Coachella goers did u have an awesome time did u drink awesome shooters listen to awesome music and sit around and soak up each other’s awesomeness

– If you’re ever stuck in a group text, one easy way to get out of it is to throw your phone into the ocean and start a new life

– When you take a ten minute study break and it accidentally lasts the whole year

– Why are people sad when potatoes can be cooked in like 200 ways

– Ohana means family. Family means having your life choices questioned and your flaws pointed out to you

– Monday is just a reminder that you do not have your shit together at all

– Are we gonna fucking hold hands tonight or what bitch

– Halloween is, by far, the safest day to kill a person and leave them on a chair on your porch

– Wait what do you mean Jesus loves me? Did he say something to you? OMG I’m freaking out right now tell me his exact words

– It’s called a “remote” because those are your odds of finding it when you want to change the channel

– Don’t you feel pretty fucking stupid for not committing more crimes before 18

– If your cat really loved you it would be a dog.