Tips for Travelling to Cuba

- Mosquitoes are very real there. Bring enough bug spray.

– You will NEED sun screen.

– They will charge you 6 dollars an hour for shitty internet.

– Calling cards don’t work there and you’ll have to pay to call people.

– Everyone there speaks Spanish and I found them really hard to understand.

– Locals are very friendly.

– Their outlets are different from Canadian outlets.

– The food is meh.

– There are a lot of random animals everywhere – wild pigs, peacocks, etc.

– Drinking alcohol is very casual and no one will judge you if you get day drunk.

– Their cigarettes are ridiculously cheap, like two dollars a pack.

– You can haggle prices with almost anyone.

– One mexican peso = 0.84 Canadian dollars,

– Bring a book to read for days when it’s too windy/nights where you can’t sleep.

– If you’re a woman and you walk their streets, everyone WILL slow down their cars and gawk at you. (not sure if this is true for men)

– Not much compares to drinking on their beaches at night.

– Try a Strawberry Daquiri.

– You will have to fill out forms on the plane ride there and plane ride back, so bring a pen.

– Kiss someone in their ocean.

– I hope this goes without saying but BRING YOUR PASSPORT.

– Do thorough research on your chosen hotel beforehand.

– Don’t drink their water unless you live there. Buy bottled (LOTS of bottled).

– Beware of their beer. It contains Cuban water so if you drink too much of it you’ll feel really weird.

– Keep your doors locked and windows shut at night (not just for Cuba; this relates to anywhere)

– Ask the bartenders what drink is good and their suggestions are usually awesome.

– Bring people you can actually stand to be around.

15 Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas (For Couples)

1. Go to a fancy restaurant (obvious but classic).

2. Do yoga together.

3. See a movie in theatres (different experience than at-home Netflix)

4. Give one another sensual massages.

5. Play truth or dare.

6. Go on a road trip with some car sex.

7. Book a vacation.

8. Go to the spa.

9. Go dancing.

10. Go for a walk if it’s not too cold.

11. Ice skating.

12. Play video games together.

13. Go to a strip club (why not)

14. Have a picnic (indoors if it’s too cold)

15. Bake together.

Why I Need Alone Time

I’m not sure exactly how extroverts feel on this topic since I’m not one myself.

But occasionally, I find myself with an overwhelming urge to be alone and just find time for myself. It is the time I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I can collect my thoughts and figure out how my feelings towards a situation. This is a great benefit, since the opinions of others have the potential to cloud your personal judgement.

I can look up my own random stuff, get errands done, play video games, listen to new music. I get to know myself better – what music I’m into, what hobbies I prefer, etc. It’s very peaceful. Not that I don’t like socializing, I actually love it. Getting to know others and listening to their perspectives is wonderful. It’s just time alone for me is very necessary. How do others feel on the topic?

The Beauty Products I Swear By

Moroccan Oil


First and foremost, moroccan oil smells heavenly. I always get compliments on how my hair smells after I use it. Second, it makes your hair much shinier and healthy and can even prevent/repair split ends. Just try it. Your hair will feel so deliciously smooth.

Where to buy: Any salon.

Cost: $39.99

Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner


Spray it on DRY hair, comb through, and watch the magic happen. It makes even my worst tangles disappear and provides it with much needed moisture. Helps especially for those with thick/messy/unmanageable hair.

Where to buy: Target, Amazon, Tonic salon

Cost: 17.95

Absolut Repair Cellular


This helped my extremely damaged, bleached hair come back to life. I swear my hair feels thicker after using it, as well as smoother, every time. It makes you hair look incredible – you have to see for yourself.

Where to buy: Nearly any salon, online.

Cost: $20.00 – $40.00

Amazonian Clay Foundation


I started using this three years ago and haven’t used any other foundation. Not only has my acne noticeably reduced (I swear it’s because of this product). It’s made with Vitamin E, foundation that’s actually good for your skin. Plus it makes it look airbrushed. Lasts forever and well worth the price.

Where to buy: Sephora

Cost: $50.00

Revlon Photo Ready Instafix


While I’ve only started using this concealer recently, it does a remarkably perfect job concealing unexpected blemishes. The shade matches my skin tone perfectly and looks very natural, not cakey whatsoever.

Where to buy: Any drugstore.

Cost: 14.99

Big Bold NYC Mascara


I find it hard to stick with one kind of mascara, but this product is especially amazing because of the incredibly cheap cost. It doesn’t clump and gives me incredible volume. Definitely worth a try.

Where to buy: Any drug store.

Cost: $4.99

They’re Real Benefit Mascara


This product seems to be incredibly popular, for good reason. After using, your lashes will appear long and full. Unlike most other mascaras, it actually gave them lift and does not clump. My only complaint however, is that this mascara never lasts long for me.

Where to buy: Sephora, any drug store

Cost: $29.00

Santa Baby Lip Tint


You can use as much or as little of this product depending if you want a subtler or brighter red, which I find refreshing. It has incredible staying power, always looking flattering, and actually manages to look subtle. It is matte, tastes like coca cola, and even doubles as a blush.

Where to buy: Lush Cosmetics

Cost: $8.95

Korres Lip Butter Wild Rose


Really moisturizes your lips, more so than any lip tint I’ve used, and makes them appear kissable. It  The colour is perfect and flattering. Comes in pink shades as well if that’s more your thing.

Where to buy: Sephora

Cost: $16.00

Benefit Gimme Brow


Not only does it make your eyebrows much more defined, it also smooths them all in one direction. And the effect lasts for quite a while, as well as being water resistant.

Where to buy: Sephora or any drug store

Cost: $26.00

Vanilla & Cream Hair and Body Mist


I’ve never used a body mist that smells as good as this. I can’t express how good it smells. You can even use it in your hair. It smells so incredibly sweet, like a freshly baked cake. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect body mist for you.

Where to buy: Sephora, any drug store.

Cost: $10.00

A Collection of my High Thoughts

1. Does it smell like weed in here?

2. What was the song I wanted to play earlier?

3. I should check for it on my phone.

4. Oh wait no, the song name is on the computer.

5. No you moron! It’s on your phone actually.

6. Oh man, I am feeling this.

7. Google search: Is it normal to smoke weed alone?

8. Google search: Does weed kill brain cells?

9. Why does this song make me feel 100x better?

10. Everything is so overwhelming.

11. I could really go for some chocolate turtles. Mmmmm…………. turtles

12. But that would ruin your diet silly.

13. That gust of warm air hit me like a brick.

14. *looks at photos taken over the last 12 months*

15. Whoa, so deep bro.

How to Spot a Stupid Attention Whore

1. Always needs the conversation to revolve around them.

2. Is loud in general.

3. Majors in drama.

4. Brags about stealing the spotlight from someone.

5. Has a chip on her shoulder.

6. You and your friends hang out on her territory.

7. Two – faced – will tell you about how much she hates someone then be best friends the next day.

8. Openly/secretly backstabs you.

9. Repeatedly talk shit about you.

10. Gets mad at you constantly.

11. You feel worried delivering any kind of information to them.

12. You feel uncomfortable around their friends.

13. Constantly changes their hair colour.

14. You feel rivalry/competition with them.

15. They must have everyones eyes on them and no one else.

16. Tries too hard.

Sorry, stupid unwarranted rant! I’m very crunk!

How a Married Taxi Driver Hit on Me

I got a taxi home at 4 in the morning a few Fridays ago with my redhead friend S. We were getting picked up from a random party we’d somehow ended up at and were headed home. We danced a ton, with and without randoms, drank too much, ran into people we knew, got them to buy us shots, got hit on, smoked, got kissed and felt up without consent, all that jazz.

As we were leaving, we both gave the guy who invited us a group hug (S was making out with him all night.. he was ALL tongue). Both of us danced heavily with this guy earlier; he was tallish, blond, hella muscly. He was overeager though. But anyways.

We got in the cab, after waiting an hour for it, absolutely drunk as hell. Because I find silence awkward, I asked him if it’s been busy tonight. I don’t know or care what his response was. He proceeded to tell us we smelled like alcohol – he’s clearly extremely observant. He tells us he used to be “like us”, drinking and having fun and smoking and partying nonstop. But now he has settled down and now has a wife and kids. That’s lovely, I tell him, but we are still in our partying phase. Somehow he steers the conversation towards saying I’m young and beautiful and to get it out of my system. He tells my friend he’s seen her before. She was too smashed to remember. When he finally drove us home, he demanded I take his number. So he recites his number to me and I record it in my phone with no intention to do anything about it. My friend pays for the cab. I laugh the whole short walk home. I find it hilarious. How professional. But I guess it was four in the morning? I wonder what his wife would think??